Preparing your home so it’s presentable to potential buyers is a lot of work and can be very stressful. Update this, the outside of your house needs paint, bathroom needs to be cleaned and updated. By the time you’re done with all that, there’s no reason to leave! The whole house will be like new! Then you find out there are high radon levels inside by your local home inspector.
On top of these updates, it doesn’t make sense to pay for testing and mitigation. But how will you ever sell the home with Radon present? It’s can’t hide it from a potential buyer, right?

Radon Testing and Real Estate Transactions

Radon testing can be a headache during real estate transactions, especially if you find high levels. It becomes an even bigger problem as more people learn of radon and its health effects.
Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Most people can overlook it because you can’t see it. The only way to know it is present is to test for it.
Testing for radon is extremely important even though it’s stressful. Ensuring radon levels are acceptable means you are keeping your family safe and anyone else that lives in your home.
Now a days the buyer typically has a home inspector test the home for structural issues and for radon testing. May states now require a certification to test for Radon.
Most people believe radon testing and mitigation is expensive, but it’s actually are not. To be honest, no one wants to pay money to remedy a problem in a house they will no longer live in, but it’s still necessary and a deal breaker. If you are in the process of selling your home have a local certified home inspector test your home for Radon. If Radon is found in your home call Radon Rid today to have your home mitigated at an affordable cost.


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