Active Dampness Control & Radon Reduction for New Construction

Active Dampness Control (ADC) Systems , (aka radon mitigation systems) are designed and engineered to reduce indoor air health risks by preventing radon, water vapor and other soil gases from entering the home.

Active Dampness Control (ADC) System™

An active ADC System quietly and unobtrusively provides better indoor air quality and a healthier living with no homeowner maintenance. Most systems use about the same amount of energy as a low wattage light bulb.

Each home is retested for radon concentration immediately following occupancy. Homeowners are provided with graphical representation of hourly radon concentration test results, performance guarantee and transferable warranty.


The first step is to take care of the health and safety of you and your loved ones by testing your home for radon. At Radon Rid, our experts use modern equipment and radon monitoring technology to deliver a report with our findings, that show radon levels as recorded over a 48-hour sampling period.



Before starting construction on a new home ins is very important to test the soil of the property you will be building on for radon. That’s not all, it just as important to have the home test for radon after it has been built. You should also consider installing a dampness control system in your home that will alert you if there are high levels of dampness.



If your tests indicate levels of radon that require attention, our team of engineers and technicians will design and install a custom radon mitigation system to effectively and safely move radon and other soil gasses out of your home. We also take additional measures to seal and close gaps in the foundation and drains that could let soil gasses into the home.